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How to Apply

Applying to a Program


Global Ed: 

Start by clicking the Search Our Programs button.
Clicking this generates a list of the Concordia-approved programs. You can scroll down the list, or use Ctrl+F to search the page more quickly. You can also use the program search option at the top of the page to type in your program name. 


Once you have located the program you want to apply to, click on it and look for the Apply Now button.

apply now
If you didn't originally log in to the website using your F00# and password, clicking Apply Now will open a log in box.

Make sure you choose the correct term if it gives more than one option!

Clicking Apply will now take you to your application page.

Please read the instructions. After you complete the 12 forms you can submit, the Study Abroad Office will do the last two forms for you. We contact Student Life to check that you're in good standing, and we apply the Application Fee, which you will then be able to pay on your Concordia account. 

Once everything is submitted*, we will send you an application decision in 7-10 days. You will get an email from with the notification, or you can check by looking at the status next to your application.

*If you hit Save instead of Submit, it doesn't let us know you completed it! Always hit Submit!

New forms will show after you are accepted. That doesn't mean you are still an applicant, these are your pre-departure forms! Check your status to confirm, or check the form type.

Finding your application after logging out:
Go to the Home icon in the top left. Click on it and then select Applicant. This takes you back to your application page.

app find

First, follow the steps above to apply to Concordia's Study Abroad Office. 

Then, go to your program provider's website (TEAN, API, ISA, etc.) and hit Apply on their site. Many program providers charge an application fee, so be ready to pay that via credit or debit card before continuing on. 

You need to be accepted by both Concordia and your program provider. If you apply to only Concordia, you will not be going abroad, because the program provider won't know you plan to go!

When in doubt, you can always call or email us with any questions. We can verify that you've applied with the program provider, or help you find the application on their website.