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Go Abroad Again!

Graduating Seniors

Not sure what to do after graduation? Taking a gap year before grad school?   
Teach English Abroad
Immerse yourself in another culture in a way no tourist can - all while earning money to support your adventures abroad.
Australia Flag
Short Term Work
The perfect launchpad for a year of work and travel in Australia is through the working holiday visa; an ideal gap year destination for experienced travelers and newbies alike.
Hungary Jr. High Youth
Mission of Christ Network
Mission of Christ Network opportunities can be found by clicking the photo above! Serve as a trained missionary in a school or local organization for 1-2 years.

Undergrads, looking for an internship or second program?

Contact the Study Abroad Office! Many programs offer discounts for students who do a second program. You could also do a part- or full-time internship for credit and work experience!