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Student Teaching, APPEs, and PA Rotations

General Undergraduate Internships

Looking for the experience of a life-time that will also help to propel your career forward? Doing a career-focused internship abroad will give you the opportunity to grow your personal and professional skill sets, build your network, and have the adventure of your life!


  • Intern full-time during the summer, or part-time while taking classes during the semester.
  • Earn credit toward your degree.*
  • Internships are fully customizable and can be found for almost every professional field.
  • Placements available in UK, Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.
  • Many services are included in your program including housing arrangements, orientation, cultural activities, and emergency support. 

*With approval from the Dean.

Student Teaching Internationally

  Education majors have the opportunity to student teach in an international placement. Please click here for more info or to apply. 

Physician's Assistant Rotations

Concordia offers PA rotations in South Africa, Peru and Nepal. Click here to view or apply to these programs. 


Concordia's School of Pharmacy offers IPPE and APPE programs internationally! Click here to view or apply to these programs.