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Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Study Abroad Scholarships:
  • The Concordia Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded on a first come, first served basis. Those who wait until the day before the deadline may not receive the scholarship if the maximum number of scholarships has already been awarded. Apply early! Students who apply by the deadline but are not awarded a scholarship will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist is also first come, first served.
  • The Diversity Abroad Scholarship is not first come, first served, but rather based on the essay submitted.
  • Students can only receive one Study Abroad Office grant or scholarship during their undergraduate career at Concordia and one during their time as a graduate. Students can apply for more than one, but will only be awarded one grant or scholarship.
  • Students who apply and have not started an application to a study abroad program will not receive a decision immediately. If they apply for a program before the scholarship deadline, their application will be considered as of the date they applied for a study abroad program. If the student has not applied for a study abroad program by the scholarship application deadline, their application will be rejected.
  • Students who receive an award, but who withdraw from the program or who do not complete their program will be required to pay back the award amount. It is possible to lose your grant or scholarship! 
  • Students who are currently freshman standing, but who will be sophomore standing at the time they attend the program are still eligible.
  • Students on Payment Plans are still eligible if they are current on their payments.
  • Scholarships are specific to the term applied for. Students can no longer apply in advance and then choose to use the award later. They must have an application for a program in that same term to be considered. Read the term listed on your program application to be sure it matches your scholarship application term!
  • The Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee reserves the right to change the requirements in between application cycles
  • Amounts listed on the website are subject to change! Historical award amounts are listed as examples, but amounts are subject to change from term to term.
  • Students on international rotations are eligible for Study Abroad Office scholarships. Any program that is subsidized by outside donations or CUW/CUAA will not be eligible (ex. Mexico Nursing Global Ed. Course offered during Spring Break).


Students who successfully meet the requirements will be notified by email that they will receive the grant and in what amount. The grant will be awarded at approximately the same time the award email is sent. The grant will be awarded to the student’s Concordia account as financial aid, then can be taken out as a check to use as payment for the student’s program fee. The grant may not be used towards the program deposit. Students who fail to complete the program they applied for will have the award debited from their account. If the award has been used towards tuition or other expenses, the student will be required to pay back the award.