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Global Ed. Course Faculty Proposals

Concordia University Faculty Members are encouraged to propose, develop, and lead courses that substantively integrate experiential learning in an international setting (“Global Education Courses”). These courses are designed to be academically rigorous, and include intercultural, professional, faith and service learning outcomes. All faculty who desire to lead a Global Education Course are required to obtain approval from their Dean, not only for the proposed course, but for individual approval of the faculty to be Faculty Leaders. All proposed Global Ed. Courses and destinations are then reviewed for approval by the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee, made up of faculty members from all 6 schools along with Study Abroad Office staff. Upon approval of a course, Faculty Leaders are expected to be the driving force in developing their Global Ed. Course, making travel and logistical arrangements, developing a budget, recruiting and advising potential student travelers, conducting pre-departure and on-site orientations for students, and collecting all necessary information and documents from participants. Faculty Leaders work collaboratively with the Study Abroad Office through the entire program cycle.  

Proposal Cycle Deadlines

Beginning in the 2016-2017 Academic Year, the Study Abroad Office opened two annual cycles for proposing Global Ed. Courses. This allows faculty more flexibility when developing new Global Ed. Courses. The proposal cycle deadlines are as follows:
November 15th for programs running during Winterim or Spring Break of the next academic calendar (Ex. If a program will run in January 2021, the proposal must be completed by November 15th, 2019.

April 10th for programs running during the Summer of the next calendar year (Ex. If a program will run in May 2020, the proposal must be completed by April 10th, 2019.

Starting a Proposal

When you are ready to begin a Global Ed Course proposal, please read the Proposal Guidelines document below and then download one of the attached proposal forms. If you are proposing a new course, please use the New Proposals Packet. If you are renewing a course that was previously approved and run, please use the Proposal Renewal Packet.  Please complete these in Microsoft Word, then print to obtain signatures. Please email the scanned final copy to by the deadline. 

Guidelines- Global Ed Proposals

New course proposal- Global Ed 2018-19

Renewal Form- Global Ed 2018-19


Once every step of your proposal has been completed (by the appropriate deadline), your proposal will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Committee. A decision will be reached within four weeks of the proposal cycle deadline, and you will be informed of the status of your proposal. After that point, you will work closely with the Study Abroad Office to develop your program.